Why would you walk?


“But ballet itself – it’s important. Dance is important. It’s that language that everybody understands. It’s a powerful tool to open people’s minds. It’s some subconscious thing, a connection we all have. Kids dance before walking. It’s our truest nature of being. It’s true spirit.” He pauses. “And then, slowly and slowly, as we grow older, we get more and more baggage and life changes you. We are more scared of things, more fearful. So how to eliminate that? We have to go back to how we were as a kid, because that’s our truest nature. And with ballet, that is how I’m trying to come back to this state of mind. Because that’s the purest state. Tribes dance. Every country has a national dance. In the clubs we dance, we dance at weddings. Dance is a language. It’s a language that we need, like music, to survive.”

Sergei Polunin interview Another Man Magazine

If you could be dancing

Photo: Street Milonga in Porto (2013)

6 thoughts on “Why would you walk?”

  1. “Dance like there is nobody looking!” they say.

    Of course they are looking. People watching is our favourite pastime. Even better is watching people dance.

    I enjoy dancing. I hate seeing the pictures that were taken when I was dancing.

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    1. We are always, I think, our worse “onlookers” specially when we’re dancing. As Degas put it “we were created to look at one another, weren’t we” As long as we keep looking at each other with love and respect, even more so when holding a camera, I think we can go on enjoying the dance 🙂 Thank you for stopping by


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