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Honor thy error as a hidden intention

  Oblique Strategies

My closet (s) is a mirror of my current self, my former self (selves) my personal movies, my plans for extreme style makeovers and all the characters I did not get to play. All the costumes for all the plans and characters and dreams started to take up a lot of space. I gave a lot of clothes to friends, to charities, I left clothes in hotels, I gave them to people I stayed in while traveling and eventually I started to sell a few of them online.

Most of the items in my online shop are (have been) mine and tell the story of who I am, who I was and of whom I will (most probably) not become. These are the mistakes that make up my Closet of Errors. They are all intentional mistakes and part of  various attempts at writing my own story, at creating personas, at playing with possibilities.

As most of our mistakes have consequences, so did my errors. I have no more space for all of them and while not having a minimalist, capsule wardrobe approach to life, I need to make space for a whole new set of errors.

I hope you find some errors to identify and experiment with so I can share the story and intention behind them and see them transform into new narratives.

This blog is the result of watching too many movies, an absolute passion for clothes and an immense hunger for life and wanting to just take it all in. The name of my shop is a little twist on Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors” because this is also a story of mistaken identities


Me, in Monaco living my own little version of one of my favorite movies, “Bonjour Tristesse”


Welcome to the Closet, feel free to browse, comment and come back.


Last time I was in Johannesburg I met Rosemary at her vintage shop in Melville. I remember thinking that hers was the life I would have wanted for myself in the way we think of the lives of those who seem to be bigger than their own context. This very special Lady also made me feel like a “movie star”, as special Ladies tend to, regardless of who you are. Because of my two visits to Reminiscence that year, when I finally managed to open my little virtual vintage corner, I’ve called it dreaming of Melville. It was the beginning of  my attempt to tame my vintage closet and live that life. My imaginary life.

Check out Rosemary’s place at

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