Who’s the audience

1. Peony silks, in wax-light: that petal-sheen, gold or apricot or rose candled into- what to call it, lumina, aurora, aureole? About gowns, the Old Masters, were they ever wrong? This penitent Magdalen’s wrapped in a yellow so voluptuous she seems to wear all she’s renounced; this boy angel isn’t touching the ground, but his … More Who’s the audience

Back to black

I have a closet just for black clothes. I also have another one for all other mainly dark colours and reds but these never feel so true to myself as black does. I can’t remember why I started wearing just black but for a long time it felt like the most stylish and comfortable solution … More Back to black

Fanny and Alexander

I was 12 when me and my brother who was 10, decided to go to the movies and watch this to “kill some time”. We are not little precocious geniuses so we did not understand that ” Bergman’s story is Dickensian in its extravagant emotional power – with a hint of Charlotte Brontë – and … More Fanny and Alexander

A character on 2046

Heartbreaking pasts and unchanged futures   2046 is one of my favorite movies of all times. It’s beautifully photographed, the wardrobe is divine and it leaves you with a permanent sense of longing and missing the future. I bought this dress on eBay and I was totally convinced that I could attain the sort of … More A character on 2046